Justin grew up captivated by larger-than-life looks on media like Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Age. Initially starting with fan-art, Justin took things to the next level in 2010 by Cosplaying for the first time. His passion took him to Blanche MacDonald Centre where he graduated from the Global Makeup Artistry program in 2012. Justin now uses the human form as a canvas for fantastic creations. His work has been featured in films, stage productions, conventions, and other special events.

In addition to makeup artistry, Justin is also known for his efforts to promote positive queer visibility within the gaming and Cosplay communities. His diverse Cosplay and makeup transformations have won multiple awards. Justin attends multiple conventions each year to teach Cosplay makeup, judge Cosplay contests, and showcase his dramatic transformations.

One person, Multiple characters


In 2013, Justin was ranked #1 in a Top 30 Under 30 list of BC’s best young queer

leaders by Daily Xtra. He was also recognized as one of the Advocate.com’s "People to Watch.” Justin has no preferred pronoun and is comfortable with he/she/they as long as there is no malicious intent.