Prosthetic Makeup

Completely change your features with prosthetics. The results can be so dramatic, even your closest friends won’t recognize you! Pre-made pieces are glued onto the face, sealed and then painted to complete the illusion.

Special FX

FX Makeup that is made for you on the spot. Get gory with fake wounds. Go bald or grow facial hair. Add wrinkles or character embellishments to your face. FX makeup helps take character transformation to the next level.


Turn your body into a canvas and steal the show with a full-body makeup. Vivid, long-wearing bodypaints are applied to create illusions, artistic effects or change the features of your skin.


Facial transformations using only makeup and facepaints. Highlights, shadows, and colours are strategically applied on the face to change its features, shape, texture or colour.


Theme makeups can be requested for children’s parties. Matching balloon party hats also available for children’s parties if hired alongside The Purple Pirate.


Explore gender with makeup techniques designed to make your features more masculine or feminine. Feminine looks typically involve face contouring, beauty makeup, and beard/brow cover. Masculine looks usually involve face contouring and the illusion of fake hair using glue or paint. The look can be subtle or dramatic depending on your preference.


Enhance your natural features and pamper yourself with a full beauty makeup application. Whether it’s a natural day look or a glammed-up night look, my long-lasting makeups will help you get ready for your special day.

Tattoo Cover

Got a tattoo that needs to be covered temporarily? Using bodypaints, concealers, and a skin-safe sealant, that tattoo will be gone for the day. Once you’re done, simply jump in the shower and wash off the makeup to bring your tattoo back.

Makeup Design

Got a makeup idea but not sure how to bring it to life? Want a look designed but can apply it yourself? Commission a makeup design and I’ll provide you with the steps to create your desired look. A consultation would include sketches, photos and/or makeup trials until you are satisfied with the design. I would then supply you with a sketch of the makeup design as well as step-by-step instructions.